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"If I have questions, who do I call?"

Schools are provided with the direct contact information of their specific Area Manager. Alternatively, you may contact our local Customer Service team at 780-944-0800.

"What do we need to do to ensure SMART has a successful Picture Day?"

To ensure that we capture the best pose(s) and expressions, open communication between the students, photographers, parents and administration is required. We would appreciate a quiet location with easy access to tables and chairs for each photographer.

"How long will the pictures take on Picture Day?"

For an average size class it takes approximately 20 minutes (1 photographer).

"When can we schedule picture retakes?"

Please contact your Area Manager to schedule retakes.

"When will we receive our chosen School Service items?"

School Service items generally ship with proofs or picture packages depending on which services and picture programs are selected.

"When will we receive the picture proofs/picture packages?"

Packages are to be delivered approximately 2-3 weeks from the Picture Day. If a proof program is selected, proofs will be delivered approximately 1-2 weeks after Picture Day with final picture packages to follow 2-3 weeks from the receipt of the completed orders.

"How should we handle parents’ concerns or complaints?"

Please have the parents contact our customer service directly at 780-944-0800 so we can assist them as quickly as possible. Parent concerns can be discussed at your Quality Assurance meeting.

"What if parents do not like their photos?"

We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We will remake, retake or refund any order if our customer is not completely satisfied.

"What is a regularly scheduled Quality Assurance Meeting?"

At SMART Photography, we believe in creating a mutual agreement based on open communication. As part of our service deliverables, we schedule annual Quality Assurance meetings to ensure that our clients have an opportunity to review our services on a regular basis. By doing so, we are able to provide unmatched products and services that fit your specific client needs.